Statement of Safety Policy:

It is the policy of Lanehart, Inc. to strive for the highest safety standards on our projects. Safety does not occur by chance. It is the result of careful attention to all company operations by those who are directly and indirectly involved. Employees at all levels must work diligently to execute policy of maintaining safety and occupational health.  

Safety pays: More than just a slogan, it is a commitment to safety we work and live by every day.

Our ongoing “Safety Pays” program rewards employees who demonstrate job site safety. It is a constant reminder that encourages job site safety from a proactive standpoint; as the motto is printed on every shirt issued to the workforce. Every field employee is automatically entered into the program and available to receive the monetary reward recognizing a period of safe hours performed. 

Safety highlights:

  • "Safety Pays” Annual Incentive Based Program 
  • Drug free workplace and continuous screening
  • Safety orientation
  • Weekly job site safety meetings
  • Monthly company-wide safety training
  • Alliance with Smart Safety and Travelers Insurance for daily compliance and safety audits
  • OSHA certification of superintendents and foremen
  • Registered with PIC, PEC, ISNetworld and HASC